Diane Currier



😂    Five years ago I discovered Laughter Yoga and knew immediately I wanted to be part of this global movement.  It was during a time when I thought life could not get worse. I was experiencing back and neck pain that was debilitating. My doctor recommended a chronic pain program offered through my health care provider. I told him, "Not interested." Fortunately, he did not listen to me and put in a referral to the program anyway. This set the ball rolling for a new chapter in my life. 


😂  I learned to listen to my body, challenge myself, and tap into strengths I'd forgotten or never knew I had.  Early on I was taught not to let physical pain stop me, but to  find another means to an end.  I thrived on this new creative side to myself, and had a blast!  My intro to Laughter Yoga came about quite by accident. I have a passion for traditional yoga styles, and was looking for a topic to present to the chronic pain program for our Friday Ted Talk series. In the course of my research I came across the website www.laughteryoga.org. and it immediately caught my attention.  I continued on to various websites and YouTube videos for further information. When I was ready I presented a Laughter Yoga talk, then invited my peers to join in on their first Laughter Yoga session. I had an audience of about 25 people, and what I remember most is being incredibly nervous, the thrill and accomplishment of stepping out of my comfort zone, and all those people laughing just for the joy of it. The rest, as it is said, is history. 


😂    I will always remember that moment. I realized that helping people through laughter spoke directly to my heart because I was someone who loved to laugh. Laughter had always moved me through tough times. It was something that I had learned.  My motto is, "Nothing can take my laugh away!"

😂  Since practicing Laughter Yoga I am able to be more present. My emotions lean towards very positive. I am in a better position to understand and handle situations that occur in my life--good and bad. My appreciation for myself and others has grown. All my relationships are more meaningful. Eventually I took the training to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and learned the Laughter Wellness Method. My life has never been the same!